Authentic hair styling

Full hair styling
500 (lowest price in Kyoto)

Choose from six hairstyles, with a quality you wouldn't expect for just 500 yen. The Custom-Made Plan, adorably arranged with cute braids and more, starts at 1,000 yen.

Sightseeing (Komon) Hair Style Plan

Simple Hair Style 500 yen (tax excluded)

Quality you wouldn't expect for just 500 yen! No need to worry about coming undone! Choose your favorite among six different hair styles.
Here, we present some examples of hairstyles, including curly up-dos, beehives, side-up, low chignons, side braids, and back braids.

Curly Up-Do
Low Chignon
Side Braid
Back Braid

Short Hair Style 500yen (tax excluded)

Even those with short hair can have a professional arrange their hair in their favorite style according to its length!

Hair Style of Your Choice 1,000 yen (tax excluded)

We style your hair in the hairstyle of your choice! We can also arrange your hair with adorable braids!