About the Shop

What is the difference between the Main Shop, Kiyomizu Shop, Gion Shop, Yasaka Jinja Shop, Yasaka Jinja Shop, Kyoto Station West Shop, Kiyomizu-Higashiyama Shop, and the Fushimi Inari Shop?
Plans, content, and kimono types are the same. Every store has a selection of more than 1,000 kimonos.The difference is the location and atmosphere. This lets you the different style of each shop. For details, please see our shop introduction.
What is Bettei?
Rental Kimono Okamoto "Bettei" is a formal kimono and preview specialty shop.
To reserve a kimono preview, see here.
In a great location next to our Kiyomizu Higashiyama Shop, near the Kiyomizu-Michi bus stop.

About the Day of Your Visit

Are same-day visits possible?
Depending on reservations, same-day visits are available. Please call us. You can also make a same-day reservation online.
How do I pay?
Payment is made at the shop. We accept cash, credit card (Visa, Master, UnionPay), QR code (Alipay, WeChat, PayPal, PayPay).

About Kimonos and Kimono Dressing

Can I really come empty-handed?
We have everything, including undergarments, socks, sandals, and bags, so you can come empty-handed.
Everything is of course included in the price, so there are no additional charges.
(Winter) We recommend bringing a shirt with a wide neck, leggings, gloves, shawls, etc., as measures against cold.
I'm not sure which plan to choose.
On the day of your visit, take a look and decide.
Plans can be changed on the day of your visit, so select whichever plan you like.
How much time does kimono dressing and hair styling take?
Selecting a kimono + dressing + hair styling + getting ready to go out takes a total of about one to one and a half hours.
The time it takes to choose a kimono varies from person to person.
Also, please understand that, even if you make a reservation, you may have to wait.
The area is congested during peak sightseeing seasons, so please give yourself extra time when visiting.
I'm very tall (or short), do you have kimonos in my size?
We have plans for special sizes, such as those over 170 cm, wide sizes, and small sizes.
We also have a wide selection of original, tailor-made kimonos at our shop, so you can set your mind at ease.
We also have large sandals available as well.
Do you have kimonos for wedding ceremonies (graduation ceremonies)?
Furisode, semi-formal kimonos, black kimonos (Tomesode), hakama, and other formal kimonos are available at Bettei.
Please come preview the kimonos before the day of the event, or select a kimono online. (For those in a hurry, please call the store directly, as it may be available on that day.)
For the day of the event, you can either visit us and have your kimono put on for you, or we can send it anywhere in the country, so please feel free to ask.
I'm an older person, are there kimonos that would suit me?
People of all ages visit our store, and as such we have a wide variety of kimono types available. Since colorful patterns tend to be relatively popular, photographs of our customers tend to feature showy kimonos, but we also have chic kimonos as well, so you can set your mind at ease.
Can I get my obi belt tied in an otaiko knot?
Otaiko knots are available with the Nagoya Obi Plan.
How many kimonos are available?
Each store has a selection of more than 1,000 kimonos on hand at all times. (The type of kimono you can choose varies with the course.)
We have a wide variety of styles, from cute to cool, chic, classic, and unique, as well as brand name kimonos. Feel free to choose the kimono you like best.
Can I walk around in a kimono if I'm not used to it?
Many people are unaccustomed to wearing kimonos. At our shops, we strive to learn a high level of kimono dressing skill so our customers can be as comfortable as possible. Our customers are able to enjoy the day strolling around, so please set your mind at ease.
Will my feet start to hurt?
Our shops carry only urethane sandals made in Japan so that your feet won’t hurt. These sandals have cushions and are easy on the feet, and we have not had any complaints about feet hurting so far, so you can wear them with confidence.

About Hair Styling

What kinds of styles are available?
We do full styling using curlers.
Choose from 8hairstyles
Styles other than these8 can be done for 1,000 yen~, so feel free to ask.
Authentic hair styling
What kind of hair accessories can I borrow?
We have hair ornaments, flowers, ornate hairpins, and more.
Those getting their hair style may borrow these free of charge.
My hair is short. Can it be styled?
Just curling the top creates a gorgeous finish. Hair styling is available as long as there is a little length, so please ask the hairdresser.
We also have hair ornaments available for rental without hair styling.
Can I borrow hair accessories without getting my hair styled?
Rental of hair accessories only is 300 yen.
Choose freely among flower ornaments and hairpins.

How to Return

Until what time can I borrow the kimono?
Shop hours are until 6 PM, so please return it by 6:00 PM, the final return time.
Take your time and enjoy your stroll.
How should I return the kimono?
(1) Please return to the shop you borrowed it from. (Until 6:00 PM)
*Cannot be returned at other shops
(2) Hotel Returns: We will bring the clothes you took off back to the hotel you are staying at. Please return the kimono to the front desk the following day.
(3) Next Day Returns: Return it to the shop the following day. (Requires a 10,000 yen deposit and ID)
Choosing a Return Method
Can I stow clothing and suitcases at the shop?
Clothing you have removed may be stowed in the shop free of charge (excludes valuables). When doing so, please return to pick them up during business hours.
Also, we have plans available where we deliver removed clothes to the hotel you are staying. (For details, see Choosing a Return Method)
For suitcases, we will stow one suitcase per customer.
For hotel returns, can you deliver anything other than clothes to my hotel?
We can also deliver travel bags and suitcases.
Please feel free to ask.
Are returns possible at any hotel?
In general, returns are available at any hotel within Kyoto that you are staying at on that day.We may be unable to do so depending on whether the front desk is open at the hotel you are staying, so please inquire when making a reservation.

Summer & Winter

Do you have yukata rentals?
Yukata rentals are available for a limited time only, from June to September. We also carry a number of brand-name yukatas!
We also have a wide selection of light kimonos, such as single-layer kimonos and summer kimonos, available during summer.
Enjoy a kimono or yukata tailored to the season.
Do you sell yukatas?
We also sell yukatas during summertime.
We sell complete sets of five items with a yukata, obi belt, sandals, bag, and cord, which you can wear out.
We also sell single items, so feel free to ask.
(Winter) Do you have shawls or haori?
Shawls are free of charge with all plans! Haori: Free of charge with the Full Outfit Plan!
(Other plans require extra charge) We have a wide variety of haori available so you can enjoy your winter outfit.
(Summer) I've heard that Kyoto is hot. Can I really go for a walk?
We have summer kimonos available for summer. We also have yukatas available from June to September. Every year we have many customers visiting us during summer, so please feel free to stop by.
(Winter) How should I prepare for the cold?
To stay warm, bring: gloves, mufflers (rentals available as well) Women: Wide-neck shirt, leggings; Men: Wide-neck shirt (V-neck), leggings. We also have shawls and haori available for rental.

Reservations, Changes, and Cancellations

How do I make a reservation?
Please submit the reservation form
through the reservation page of our website.
※For group reservatios, please use the inquiry form or phone. Click here for the reservation form
What should I do to change or cancel my reservation?
Customers who made a reservation can enter their customer code directly into our website to change or cancel. (See here for change/cancellation form)
Customers who made a reservation by telephone are asked to contact the stop where they made the reservation.
Are there cancellation fees?
For any cancellation, please contact us at least one day before your reservation.
According to our cancellation policy, 100% cancellation fee will be fully charged if you cancel on the reserved day.
If you cancelled, please contact us before 1:00 PM a day before your reservation.
Thank you for your kindly understanding and corporation.

See here for change/cancellation form
The forecast calls for rain, can I still go for a stroll?
Our customers still go for strolls despite the rain. Please rest assured that we do not charge cleaning fees for sightseeing kimonos that have gotten dirty from the rain.
Kyoto on a rainy day has a quiet yet lively atmosphere that is well worth a visit.
See here for change/cancellation form